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Dynamics 365: a game changer for dairygold operations

Located in the rich fertile Golden Valleys of Munster, Dairygold has a long and proud history of producing quality-assured, sustainable gold standard cheese and dairy ingredients. With three imperative divisions that drive and support our farmers and business, Dairygold are able to offer clients and consumers full traceability, unrivalled quality and product excellence.

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The Challenge

The central focus of a new CRM system was to allow Dairygold to improve customer and supplier relationships. The Co-Operative was previously dependent of on field staff returning to the office to file a paper-based records of customer interactions.

The Solution

Designed and delivered by Ergo, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) components in Microsoft Dynamics 365 were identified as the best way to meet Dairygold’s requirements and to garner a better understanding of farmers and their needs. The new CRM system provides Dairygold with relevant information in a timely manner helping to overcome some of the challenges the teams have encountered when working remotely in rural Ireland.

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“CRM allows us to improve the service and support we provide to our member owned and controlled supplier base. It has helped to increase customer satisfaction levels and to strengthen our relationships with farmers”

Ergo’s CRM solution has allowed Dairygold to record important items of information, enabling a more enhanced service. All the information is uploaded directly by their staff from any location, solving the challenge of working with customers and suppliers in remote areas.